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Becoming A More Effective Communicator

Becoming A More Effective Communicator

Seacare Sales Executive Wins Silver NTUC Plus! Card Sales Challenge

Silver NTUC Plus! Card Sales Challenge

Helping Jobseekers Find Success

Seacare Manpower Recruitment Drive

Rewarding Hat Yai Trip For Seacare Sales Executives

Hat Yai Trip for Seacare Sales Executives

Seacare Manpower Connects Jobseekers

April & May 2019 Jobfairs Islandwide

Life Saving Skills Receives Thumbs Up

First Aid for Children

Seacare Manpower Recruits Jobseekers

Job Fairs

Seacare Manpower Reels in Jobseekers

Recruitment Roadshows

Seacare Manpower Recruitment Roadshows Yield Success

Recruitment Roadshows

Equipped to Saves Lives

First Aid Awareness Talk

Lunch Appreciation For Getup Partners

Lunch Appreciation

Seacare Manpower Rewards Staff With Hat Yai Retreat

Overseas Retreat for NTUC Membership Recruitment Team

Building Rapport to Create Service Opportunities

Creating Service Opportunities

Seacare Manpower Services Job Fairs

Seacare Manpower Services Job Fairs

NTUC Membership Cards Sales Challenge

Seacare Manpower's Emily Lee Wins NTUC Membership Cards Sales Challengee

Aligning Services Promises

Gain Practical and Valuable Skills and Knowledge

Rendering Job-Hunting Help

Career Search at two recruitment drives in which Seacare Manpower particapted

Matching Firms And Workers

Promote career opportunities to members of the public

Seacare Promotes Union Membership

Promoting union membership to the Public

Seacare Staff Rewarded with Thailand Trip

Seacare Staff Rewarded with Thailand Trip

Taking Care of Employment Needs

Recruitment drive at Rivervale Community Centre

Work With “Confidence & Professionalism”

“Three Secrets to Establish Confidence and Professionalism” workshop

Achieving Positive Customer Service Experience

Workshop Title: Achieving Positive Customer Service Experience

Successful Seacare Manpower Recruitment Drive

Successful Seacare Manpower Recruitment Drive

Incentive Travel for Hard Work

Incentive Travel for Hard Work

Seacare Manpower Perth Retreat


Mastering the Art of Saving Lives

Mastering the Art of Saving Lives

Achieving Service Excellence at the Workplace

Workshop Title: Achieving Service Excellence at the Workplace

Enhancing Service Interactions Using EQ

Have you ever encountered an emotional outburst in a service environment? How do you deal with emotional challenges at work? Do you understand emotional meanings in service communication?

Handling Service Triggers Effectively

In order to add value to clients, Seacare Manpower Services organised a free service excellence workshop – Handling Service Triggers Effectively

Seacare Manpower Tops Ntuc Link Card Year End Sales

Seacare Manpower emerged as the Top Agency for the NTUC Link Card Year End Sales Challenge.

Effective Email is Easy (EEE)

Seacare Manpower held a free communication-based workshop, called “Effective Email is Easy (EEE)” for its staff on 17 November 2014.

Zany, Zeal, Zest and Zing, The Z Way To Happiness

Happiness Workshop Zips Back

Zany, Zeal, Zest and Zing, The Z Way To Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

NTUC Membership Service Representatives' Malacca Retreat

Seacare Manpower Recruiters Trip to Historical Malacca

First Aid Awareness Talk for Children

How to save a child's life

Learning First Aid

Learnt the importance of first aid

Power People Skills Course

People skills for effective communication

Personal Development Course

To know yourself

WSQ Perform Presentation Functions

Prepare visual presentation slides

Interpersonal Communication Course

Learn the difference between listening and hearing

Initiative and Enterprise

Key for Success

Seacare Manpower Membership Recruiter's Retreat

Gastronomy & Retail Therapy

NTUC WDS Employer's Appreciation Night

NTUC WDS Employer's Appreciation Night

ES-Learning & Personal Development (Operations)

Learning how you learn

Workplace ICT Applications (Supervisory)

Supervisor's role in ICT applications

Workplace ICT Applications (Operations)

Know the use of electronic storage media

Communication & Relationship Management Course

Interact and communicate effectively

Work! Live! Play!

Standard First Aid Course

Ready To Save; Ready To help

Managing Conflict Resolution & Difficult People

Negotiate and resolve a conflict

Different Thinking for Different Results

Apply innovation tools

Personal Effectiveness & Achievement

Critical personal effectiveness skills

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Interview Tips

What is an interview?

The interview is the opportunity where you can describe your experiences and skills and can get an idea of what is happening with the company. During an interview, an employer's goal is to gather additional information about you that is not provided in your resume and cover letter.

Before the interview

  • Visit the company website, learn about the products, services, and mission.
  • Know your resume inside out and prepare examples of your accomplishments.
  • Bring extra resumes, references, transcripts, certificates, work sameples, etc.
  • Develop and practice personalised interview answers to common, difficult and expected interview questions.

During the interview

  • Be on time for the intervew.
  • Stay relaxed and calm.
  • Greet the interviewer by the name with a firm handshake.
  • Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Use proper English - Avoid slangs.
  • Listen to the entire question before you answer.
  • Refrain from discussing salary or benefits unless the interviewer initiates it.

After the interview

  • Find out from the interviewer when you will hear from them on the interview outcome.
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave and shake hands.
  • Do not be discouraged if the employer does not make an on-the-spot offer.
  • Interviewers will need to interview more candidates before making a decision.

Questions to expect

Tell me more about yourself.

  • This question allows the job seeker to share with the interviewer the most important thing they want to know - "Why should I hire you?"
  • Keep the answer job or skill related.

  • What do you know about the type of work we do?

  • This is your chance to showcase your understanding from the research you have done in preparation for the interview.

  • What is your weakness?

  • Always make this a positive answer.
  • For example, "I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break, because I always want everything done at once."

  • What are your strengths?

  • A strength can be defined as a combination of knowledge, behaviour, talent and skills that you apply consistently to produce a successful result.
  • The best way to respond is to describe your strengths that directly correlate with the job you are applying for.

  • Why did you leave your last job?

  • Do not speak badly about your previous employer.
  • Answer with a positive statement.
  • For example:
  • Further education.
  • Termination of contract(date).
  • Applying for a more challenging position.
  • Change of profession or area of expertise.
  • Having a chance to work in a larger and more robust organization.
  • Opportunity to work in a more technologically advanced environment.

  • Why have you been unemployed for such a long time?

  • Long and recent periods of unemployment require a properly thought out job interview answer.
  • These gaps in employment can raise concerns in the minds of potential employers about the candidate's reliability and commitment and need to be clarified.
  • Tell the truth. Emphasize that you were looking for a good company where you can settle and make a contribution.

  • Why should we hire you?

  • The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job.

  • Do you have references?

  • It is important that you get in touch with your referees and have their name, current address, and contact numbers before the interview.

  • Appearance and Grooming

    The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgement an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That's why it's always important to dress professionally for a job interview, even if the work environment is casual.

    • Make sure your interview attire is neat, tidy and appropriate for the type of firm you are interviewing with.
    • Wear conservative colours such as white, navy blue, charcoal grey, or black.
    • Light perfume or cologne.
    • Little or no jewellery.